Monday, April 5, 2010

Meet Anique Taylor

On 22 April 2010 St. Francis College, Brooklyn Heights (NY - 4pm to 6pm), will host in its Maroney Theater (7th floor) readings by some of the contributors to Pain and Memory (currently discounted 28% on Amazon). Anique Taylor, a gifted visual artist and multi-faceted writer, is one of those contributors. Come to the reading and meet Anique – read about her here, in her own words.

Artist, poet, clown, life coach, Anique Taylor lives in her sweet mountain hamlet (with her 5lb black rescue poodle) where she works full time making art and writing poetry, creative memoir, and personal essays.

Anique Taylor ran away to Paris where she studied literature (Sorbonne, Diplome); afterward she graduated high school (Greenwich), studied literature (Antioch College), and then taught creative writing to Jr. High Students on a co-op job, Angeles Crest Mountains.

Anique studied art – Silvermine College (AFA) Cooper Union, Pratt Institute, (BFA Highest Honors), and Pratt Graduate School (MFA ). Anique also studied at St. Mark’s Poetry Project with Alice Notely, Bernadette Mayer, and Susie Timmons; subsequently she gave featured readings at St. Mark’s Poetry Project, Dixon Place, Speakeasy, ABC No Rio, Cedar Tavern, and performed regularly with Eve Packer’s What Happens Next, in group readings at St. Mark’s Poetry Project, Tompkin’s Square Arts Festival, New Romantics, Charas, Knitting Factory, Bergen County Literary Salon, Ridgewood Library, and Phoenicia Phirst Phriday.

With Etan Ben-Ami Anique edited the much acclaimed (& short lived) poetry magazine, The Cheap Review of Poetry, publishing several wonderful poets, such as Alice Notley, Bill Kushner, Elinor Nauen, Sheila Alson, Norman MacAfee, Peter Bushyeager, Tom Savage, and Bernadette Mayer.

Anique created a children’s show, performing as Pirouette-the-Clown in & around NYC, Bergen County. Her chapbook Poems is published by Unimproved Editions Press. Additionally, her poems have been published in The World, Sing O Heavenly Muse, Cheap Review, Big Fish, Southern Review, Cover Magazine, Pome, What Happens Next, and The National Poetry Magazine of the Lower East Side.

As well as literary writing, Anqiue has many co-authored books such as the Computer Joke Book, (Hayden), What to Do When You’re Bored, (Simon & Schuster), Snakes!, Bears! (EMC), How Many Nerds Does It Take to Screw in a Light Bulb?, Book of Silly Quizzes, (Scholastic), Nightmare Nina (Bowmar/Noble), and the filmstrips, Arachne & Athena, Atalanta, Prometheus & Pandora, (January Productions).

Anique also co-authored ABZ’s of Sex & Love (HBO), Bless Me Father for I Have Sinned, produced by Playwright’s Horizons, Phoenix Theatre, Williamstown Playhouse. She has also performed with the comedy group Raw Guts & American Know How.

In her sweet mountain hamlet, Anique continues to write & make art.