Book Reviews

Books by Other Publishers Reviewed by Readers and Writers in Our Community

We do not accept unsolicited books for review.  If you are interested in having us arrange for a review, please query us first. We believe that some care of selection must go into what appears on our site. We will select reviewers (and the review would be signed). If we accept a book for review, we will make every effort to see that the review is published in a timely manner and stays on the site for as long as possible. Unfortunately, we have no absolute control over completion of a finished review.

Until further notice CURRENT book reviews will appear as individual posts (as of 27 December 2015) on the home page.

Past reviews appeared in integrated documents available from this portal.
  • The documents you access from this page are searchable and printable.
  • Each document will include a table of contents.
  • And, if you activate the print function in Google docs you will also have the ability to download a PDF version of the reviews document.

Volume one of book reviews appears HERE - There are twelve different reviews (in reverse chronological order as published). Open to view table of contents.

Volume two of book reviews appears HERE - reviews are in chronological order. Open to view table of contents.

Volume three of book reviews appears HERE - Open to view table of contents.