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Terms: By the act of submitting work, the contributor agrees that, on acceptance, Bibliotekos, Literary Veganism, or ASEBL Journal acquires one-time and non-exclusive publication rights. That is, rights revert to the creator of the work upon publication, with the usual exception of some acknowledgement given to Bibliotekos, Literary Veganism, or ASEBL Journal. Work published on the Bibliotekos site or related sites will have its own URL and remain on the web as long as the site is live.

We do all of this work on a volunteer basis while maintaining full-time employment. We receive no compensation, and, as you can see, have no advertisements on the websites. Therefore, authors are not paid, either. In fact, we have probably given away more copies of our books than we have sold. However, authors whose work is accepted for paperback publication will receive one copy of the finished book.

Since we are a micropublisher, we do not have a distributor; but the books are available from online sellers and can be ordered by bookstores from Ingram.

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