Mission and Goals:
To produce a website (or books) of literary merit that addresses important issues, complex ideas, and enduring themes. We believe in the lasting power of the written word, especially in book form. We believe in contributing to a deeper understanding of what it means to be human (individually and socially) - who we are and what we should do.

We Take Our Work Seriously ~
For a micro publisher, maintaining a website or creating collections is a time-consuming and tedious process, but well worth the effort in producing books worth reading and studying for years to come. Was it in our destiny to become publishers? We are students of philosophy, literature, and history (including interest in science as it relates to human behavior - evolutionary biology, neuroscience, and psychology). We are scholars, academics, and writers - humanists. We are not business people, but somewhere in our intellectual journey we felt more acutely than usual the joy and pain associated with writing and publishing and then made the decision to shepherd other people's work online or into print.
PUBLISHER: Fredericka A. Jacks
Degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies, Wagner College; Graduate work at N.Y.U. and The General Theological Seminary; Dedicated to Public Service, worked at the Manhattan District Attorney's Office for over twenty years.
General Editor, Gregory F. Tague, Ph.D.
All Inquiries Should be Addressed to Fredericka A. Jacks
and Gregory F. Tague at publisher@ebibliotekos.com
We work on this venture purely as volunteers. Feeling generous? If you have a Paypal account and want to contribute to the cause, send some $ to ebibliotekos@gmail.com 

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