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8 January 2021. Same site, but we've slimmed down slightly.
30 December 2019. We've created a sister journal, Literary Veganism, and are looking for quality submissions of literary essays, creative non-fiction, fiction, or poetry. Consult the About and Submissions tabs at the site, Here

11 December 2019. Yes, we are still around. Check the home page for all current postings.

25 October 2014. Readers might be interested in the upcoming Sixth International Conference on Consciousness, Theatre, Literature and the Arts, to be held at St. Francis College, Brooklyn Heights, N.Y., from 10-12 June 2015. Here's a link to the conference site with information about submitting an abstract. Click Here

31 December 2013. Perhaps there was some failing on our part (or not), but we had a mere two queries concerning our science writing outside of the academy call (which was up for about ten months). Granted, we did not highly publicize the call. Disappointing, to say the least. What does it mean to be a writer?

12 July 2013. In our short history supporting writers by publishing 5 literary anthologies (as well as posting interviews, profiles, articles, and reviews), we are pleased to announce that our site has now had over 50,000 hits. Thank you to all who have visited and many thanks to our highly-accomplished and award-winning poets and authors (listed here).

Muhammad Ashfaq; W.C. Bamberger; Thom Brucie; Daniel Cartaina; Jennifer Clark; Edie Cottrell; Larry Eby; Janice Eidus; John Gifford; Kathie Giorgio; Howie Good; Gary Guinn; John Guzlowski; Atar Hadari; Omer Hadžiselimović; Joey Dean Hale; Alamgir Hashmi; Jomar Daniel Isip; M. Neelika Jayawardane; Rivka Keren; Margaret Kingsbury; Eva Konstantopoulos; Dagmara J. Kurcz; Geoffrey A. Landis; Larry Lefkowitz; Mitch Levenberg; Cassandra Lewis; Hunter Liguore; Robert P. McParland; Michele Merens; Tim Nees; Muriel Nelson; Rebecca Newth; Julie J. Nichols; Mira Martin-Parker; Norah Piehl; Stephen Poleskie; Arthur Powers; George Rabasa; Nahid Rachlin; C.R. Resetarits; Nancy Riecken; Ruth Sabath Rosenthal; Frank Russo; Dawn Sandahl; Bill Scalia; Ruth Knafo Setton; Lynne Shapiro; Lisa L. Siedlarz; Lisa M. Sita; Patty Somlo; Janyce Stefan-Cole; Anique Taylor; Marko Vešović; Andrea Vojtko; Kelly Wantuch; Anne Whitehouse; Jenny D. Williams; Elizabeth Yokas; Jeff Vande Zande; Rewa Zeinati; James K. Zimmerman.

23 February 2013. NY Post did not include us in the story - the fleeting wheel of fortune. See our Turning Point post of today. Added Miscellany of Poetry and Science to site (as well as some video links).

5 February 2013. The New York Post is doing a feature story (in the At Work section) to run this coming Monday (11 February) on couples who work together, and they will be including us (Fredericka and Gregory, because of Editions Bibliotekos). This will be a print and (as far as we can determine) an online piece.

9 January 2013. Advance praise for faith and doubt anthology: The poems and short stories in Puzzles of Faith and Patterns of Doubt probe their subjects with a delicate and sensitive scalpel. “Access Closed” by Joey Dean Hale offers a poignant portrait of a man “without an original idea” who, in his estrangement from his family and his faith, retains a stubborn nobility. “Padre Raimundo’s Army” by Arthur Powers is a shining parable about the triumph of faith and goodness over inhumanity. In Patty Somlo’s “Since Letitia Williams Saw Jesus,” a woman sees a vision, passes it on, and in so doing, loses it. But perhaps her deepest faith resides in what she pretends to see in the hopes that it will appear. This is a thought-provoking and eclectic collection that memorably explores contradictory truths, lies, and enigmas. – Anne Whitehouse (poet and novelist, The Refrain, Blessings and Curses, Fall Love, among other books)

31 December 2012. Price of Kindle versions of Bibliotekos anthologies reduced to $4.99 (though we still think the paperbacks are better).

25 December 2012. Review, by Chandra Persaud, of The End of Country by Seamus McGraw. See Book Reviews tab, and then open volume two. 

December 2012. Pain and Memory, Common Boundary, and Battle Runes are now $14.95 on Amazon (in line with the price of Being Human). These are paperbacks. Of course you can obtain any anthology at a discount from us (higher discount if 2 or more books are ordered) - details at the Catalogue tab on our website. Feel free to share, and if you have not done so already, please LIKE our Editions Bibliotekos Facebook page.

2 November 2012. The submission pile of over 370 individual works and thousands of pages has been considerably reduced, but we have yet to make further decisions. Hundreds of notices have been sent out, and we do appreciate the support of all of those who submitted. Keep in mind that we are working on the anthology and want to stay on target, but it is very time consuming as we do actually read all work.

5 October 2012. The final tally of submissions is 370 individual pieces. That is a lot to read. We have already sent out notices to some writers, but we still have much to sift through - and we are reading. As mentioned, we are still aiming for a February publication date, but please be patient as we read through thousands of pages and make some very difficult decisions. You will hear back from us.

23 September 2012. A profile of Gregory and Fredericka in The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (dated 20 Sept.)

23 August 2012. We have begun the process of (casually) reviewing material for the next themed anthology, Faith and Doubt, to get a sense of where we are. We have yet to decide on a subtitle, but that usually comes to us as we carefully read submissions. As some of you know, we opened our doors in early 2009 and posted (simultaneously) five Calls for Submissions (with clear notices of which books would be published in which order with estimated deadlines and publication dates). We mention this since for the Faith and Doubt volume we will be reviewing some submissions from as early as 2009 – those who responded to our initial, multiple Call. Thank you for your patience (and your confidence that we would get to this point).
For the Faith and Doubt volume (as of today), we have received no fewer than 346 individual pieces from 121 different authors. That would be 272 poems and 74 stories. Some pieces were withdrawn (and some queries were turned away since the proposed items were off point). While we have not counted each page, our estimate is that we have about 1500 pages of material to read.
As you know, our books are small by design. We do, after all, call ourselves petit. This means that we have our work cut out for us – reading, conferring, and deciding. Simply put, we cannot publish everything – but that process of selection is what makes the finished product so special. Clearly we will be publishing only a small amount of what we have been given to read (much less than the 15% acceptance rate we are used to.) We don’t always initially agree on many submissions, so we hold a discussion. Many stories and poems require multiple readings. We have done this before (obviously) but mention this as a reminder of the time and effort that goes into making selections.
Then we have multiple tasks related to setting up the book, closely editing it, and having it read over by some proofreaders. We think we know which image we will use for the cover – in fact we’ve had it for quite some time. (Thank you to those who queried about doing cover art.) We also think we know whom to ask to write the Foreword, and we might break from tradition by asking a non-academic (and by going outside the bounds of St. Francis College).
Making a book takes time – all of these steps, each one of which involves lots of detailed work. Please be patient, since we suspect this one will take longer than usual. While we have hit on major themes in the other anthologies, many of you who submitted to Faith and Doubt indicated that this one is very close to your essence as human beings. Our goal is to have publication by early March (but don’t hold us to that).
The deadline for submission had recently been revised to 1 September, so if you still wish to submit (or know someone who might be interested), this is your last chance. We have had incredible traffic on our site because of this Call – thousands and thousands of hits. And that pleases us because it means that more people know about all of our wonderful contributors (and might have seen the author profiles or interviews we publish). After 1 September we will not be accepting any further queries or submissions.
18 August 2012. You might know that we posted a wonderful interview of EL Doctorow on our site. The interview was conducted by Zvonimir Radeljković and Omer Hadžiselimović when Doctorow was in Belgrade in 1988. Incidentally, these gentlemen are college professors who also interviewed people such as Updike, Achebe, and Sontag. Due diligence was performed – all the interested parties were contacted for permission – but no one responded. So we posted the interview, and it stayed on the Bibliotekos site for a little longer than 7 weeks. The other day we received notice from Curtis Brown requesting (apparently with the author’s approval) that we remove the interview *forthwith*. So we did. The ELD interview in all of that time garnered a mere 40 hits – compare to the profile of Janyce Stefan-Cole that has received almost 120 hits in 5 days (and other profiles by less-known authors that have received very many well deserved visits). Maybe there was a good reason for the 1988 ELD interview not to be published in English (first appeared in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian/Montenegrin version in the newspaper Oslobođenje). But we will never know.

14 June 2012. Bibliotekos literary anthologies now available on AMAZON EUROPE (and Kindle). Discounts via publisher
10 June 2012. "I guess those who can - write - those who can't - anthologize." Mitch Levenberg (on his blog of 14 May 2012).

15 May 2012. Kindle e-Book of Being Human: Call of the Wild now available.

29 April 2012. Join us in congratulating John Guzlowski. His story, “Wooden Trunk from Buchenwald” (first published in COMMON BOUNDARY: Stories of Immigration by Editions Bibliotekos) has been selected by Pearson Longman (a global publisher) to be reprinted in an upcoming anthology with a print run of 200,000 copies.

2 February 2012. Being Human: Call of the Wild has been published! Details on the main page of our site.

26 January 2012. We anticipate publication of Being Human: Call of the Wild very soon. Twelve authors, fifteen short stories.


17 December 2011. Support the Arts: buy from us at a discount (we pay shipping). Go to the Catalogue page and navigate to the PDF Catalogue. (See the last page of the Catalogue for details.) Rather than spending money on used copies from re-sellers, support us: whatever we make funds future projects.

23 November 2011. ASEBL Journal is now our sister. Go here to read more. If you are interested in blogging about the biology of morality, contact the blog editor, Gregory F. Tague.

19 November 2011. Update on status of next literary anthology, Being Human: Call of the Wild.

20 October 2011.  1. Please be patient as we work our way through the submissions to Human/Nature.  2. There is an excellent video of John Guzlowski's amazing reading at St. Francis College - go to Front Page News, War Remembered for the link.

24 September 2011. We are currently reading submissions to Human/Nature. To everyone who submitted, we appreciate your patience. Keep in mind that each submission is read by at least two people (at least once by each of the two readers - sometimes more). It is a process that takes time. And then, of course, after selections have been made, there is the process of assembling and editing the book.

27 August 2011. We have added a Book Reviews button to our site.  If you have a book published within the last year (preferably literary - poetry, novel, memoir, mixed genre, etc. - not a scholarly or academic work) and would like us to consider having it reviewed, please query us (with Book Review in the subject line). 

To start, we have *commissioned* Rachel Kaminsky to review two poetry books by Ruth Sabath Rosenthal; Kathryn Buckley to review a novel by Janice Eidus; and Megan Moriarty to review a poetry book by Carlo Matos. (We expect these reviews before the end of October.)

We will not automatically accept unsolicited books, and we will not automatically review everything that comes our way.  We believe that some care of selection must go into what appears on our site. We would select reviewers (and the review would be signed). 

If we accept a book for review, we will make every effort to see that the review is published in a timely manner and stays on the site for as long as possible (though it will not remain there permanently).

Mid-July. In case you have not yet noticed, we came up with a title for our 4th (anticipated) anthology: Human / Nature. No subtitle yet. Have you seen our classified ad in
The Review Review? We are still looking for short story submissions for Human / Nature. Details at this site under the Calls/Guidelines button.
See our classified ad (Call for short stories - nature anthology) in
Poets & Writers, July/August.
Recently Rec'd, and excited to report and recommend: A School for Fishermen. Poems by Carlo Matos. Brickhouse Books (2009). Kristina Marie Darling says of Matos' collection: "At turns whimsical and philosophical . . . a wonderful and moving book." And Brandi Homan says that Carlo Matos is "Unafraid to look at the vastness of existence . . ." Robert Antoni calls the book a "fine collection." Certainly worth adding to your library.
Interview with Rewa Zeinati, contributor to Common Boundary: Stories of Immigration (2010) by Nancy Riecken, contributor to Battle Runes: Writings on War (2011) in The Atrium: a Journal of Academic Voices.
Interview of Editions Bibliotekos (Gregory F. Tague and Fredericka A. Jacks) by
The Atrium: a Journal of Academic Voices, Spring 2011.  Thank you Nancy Riecken.
27 April 2011: Kindle e-book edition of BATTLE RUNES: Writings on War now available.
For an article about Nahid Rachlin's reading at St. Francis College, "A Present Reflection on a Past Life," written by Kristen Morale, go here.
Recent Books Recently Received (by Bibliotekos contributors), and well worth adding to your bookshelf:
- Facing Home and Beyond.  Poems.  Ruth Sabath Rosenthal.  New York: Paragon Poetry Press (2011). [100pgs. $16]
- Facing Home.  Poems.  Ruth Sabath Rosenthal.  Georgetown, KY: Finishing Line Press (2010). [33pgs. $14]
- The Last Jewish Virgin: A Novel of Fate.  Janice Eidus.  Pasadena, CA: Red Hen Press (2010). [147pgs. $24.95; also as an e-book]
- Bear in Mind.  Poems.  Anne Whitehouse.  Georgetown, KY: Finishing Line Press (2010). [35pgs.]
- Blessings and Curses.  Poems.  Anne Whitehouse.  Poetic Matrix Press (2009).  [125pgs. $15]
Common Boundary: Stories of Immigration (2010) is now available as a Kindle edition for $5.99
Notice about Battle Runes on Dorothee Lang's Daily s-Press.
Kindle version of Pain and Memory - $5.99
Review of Battle Runes by Omer Hadžiselimović - See Reviews tab on this site - 5 stars on Amazon
Profile of Ruth Knafo Setton and Interview with Anne Whitehouse - on this site (and archived under Profiles/Interviews - see tab on homepage)
Common Boundary: Stories of Immigration (2010) - new cover.  Have you a copy yet?
BATTLE RUNES - 28% off list price - Barnes and Noble (online) - we see, as of today, 8 February 2011.
Newsfeed items regarding publication of BATTLE RUNES: Writings on War

We are ready to do another anthology, which would be our fourth.  The theme is “nature’s world.” (The book has not yet been titled).  The full Call and additional Guidelines can be found by clicking on the Guidelines button on the right-hand side of the home-page: if you are interested in submitting, please refer to the Guidelines and Call.


Battle Runes begins with terror and blood – ends with the color of a chameleon and a strawberry – begins in horror and ends with hope – Rebecca Newth – only in Battle Runes: Writings on War.

Being lost after combat – being rescued by a kindred soul – PTSD – Norah Piehl – only in Battle Runes.

A mother *saving* her son during the Iran-Iraq war - Nahid Rachlin - only in Battle Runes.

A soldier’s story – sacrifice, courage, comradeship – John Gifford’s story in BATTLE RUNES.

Brother and Sister – war and its psychological toll – a young woman’s decisions – Dawn Sandahl – only in BATTLE RUNES.

“Grief Echoes” – a singular, poetic piece touching on duty and love – Nancy Riecken – only in BATTLE RUNES.

A son reads the father’s war-time journal – perspective of time – re-interpreting another’s memoir – Mitch Levenberg – only in BATTLE RUNES.

Life in pieces – body in pieces – Hunter Liguore and the untold stories of war – only in BATTLE RUNES.

When strategic place is key to war but not to combat – an Italian hillside, its peaceful farmers, and uninvited cannons – Lisa M. Sita’s beautiful story of place – only in BATTLE RUNES.

The most morally and emotionally provocative story – children in war – and hence the lead in the collection – “Go” by Jenny D. Williams – in BATTLE RUNES

Bittersweet effects of service to one’s country – husband and father – neither sweet nor sour – Patty Somlo’s veteran’s story – only in BATTLE RUNES.

Poet of understatement - about ravages of war: Alamgir Hashmi - only in Battle Runes.

Fable of war – wise and symbolic – water and noise – prayer and belief – Geoffrey A. Landis – only in BATTLE RUNES.

Cucumbers – rifles – artworks – courage and danger – war and a family – Mira-Martin Parker – only in BATTLE RUNES.

Psychological *torture* of war – “The Tiger Cage” by Thom Brucie – a riveting story ONLY in Battle Runes.

“At Sea” – one of the most subtly haunting stories – the insidious emotional effects of war – secrets one keeps to oneself – the only WWI story – by C.R. Resetarits – Only in Battle Runes.

Reverberations of Beckett and Orwell – Chilling and Bleak – “The Bombshell” by Muhammad Ashfaq – only in Battle Runes: Writings on War.

Poems by Marko Vešović - Bosnia - Wars - Tremendous, Poignant, Personal, and Disturbing - translated by Omer Hadžiselimović - only in BATTLE RUNES.

Her brother serving in Afghanistan - she dreams of him playing baseball . . . she wonders about a little Pashtun girl . . . she writes about an insurgent brought back from the brink of death by US medics . . . Read Lisa Siedlarz's compelling and gripping poems in BATTLE RUNES.

The American Civil War - a soldier bent on returning home as a prospective son-in-law and not as a war hero - love and farming - bullets and gold - leaders and *cowards* - and a mule: Thom Brucie's A Deepening Heart” - one of the best stories (I've read it many times) in BATTLE RUNES.

Do you know that we have the satisfaction of having published Margaret Kingsbury's first story? Margaret shows how a family is under strain with the husband/father in Afghanistan: how those at home have the harmony of their lives irrevocably shaken. Read it in Battle Runes - where we have held true to our promise - as a writer she is indeed among good company.

Among the many outstanding stories in this collection: The German” by John Guzlowski. A stand out story - you have to read it to believe it.
27 December 2010
Common Boundary: Stories of Immigration (Bibliotekos 2010) is now available as an ebook.  Go to the Google e-bookstore and type in "editions bibliotekos".  Best if purchased as scanned pages (and should be available world-wide soon).  $9.99US

- Eggs for Boots -
Read the Autobiographical Profile of Cassandra Lewis
posted 7 December 2010
Includes a photographic portrait by Peter Worrall

We present here A Year-End Newsletter (2010), with informational updates from some contributors and friends. Originally we were going to post a finished newsletter mid-December, but we decided to put it up sooner, and then add to it.  So if you have some year-end news, tell us and we'd be happy to add it here. "Pain and Memory," "Common Boundary," and "Battle Runes" refer to the Editions Bibliotekos books.

Thom Brucie
Appears in “Battle Runes.”  In 2010, Cervena Barva Press published a poetry chapbook titled, “Moments Around The Campfire With A Vietnam Vet.”

Daniel Cartaina
Appears in “Pain and Memory.”  In March Daniel had a short play produced by Eastenders Rep in San Francisco called “Special Delivery From Heaven”  by The Eastenders Repertory Company as part of their tribute to Italian Nobel Prize playwright Dario Fo.  “Special Delivery From Heaven” is a comedy written in the theme of Dario Fo's “We Won't Pay, We Won't Pay” and is about an angel from heaven who delivers a “cross to bear” in life to a child in Brooklyn in the 1970s.  The event “Fo/Faux" appeared at the Eureka Theatre in San Francisco from March 5th - 21st.

Jennifer Clark
Appears in “Pain and Memory.” Poetry published in “All Poetry is Prayer” and “Dogs Singing: A Tribute Anthology,” published by Salmon Press, considered one of the most important publishers in the Irish literary world. Work forthcoming in “Raven Chronicles” and “Astropoetica.” She recently completed a poetry manuscript and hopes to find a home for it in 2011.

Jason Dubow
Wrote Foreword to “Common Boundary.”  Started blogging about children, schooling, education, and learning.

Janice Eidus
Appears in “Common Boundary.”  Her novel, “The Last Jewish Virgin,” was published by Red Hen Press in November, 2010.  Short story, “A Bisel This, A Bisel That,” appeared in “Promised Lands: New Jewish American Fiction on Longing and Belonging,” edited by Derek Rubin, published by The Brandeis Series in American Jewish History, Culture and Life.

Danusha Goska
2010 published “Bieganski,” which won the Oscar Halecki award.

Rivka Keren
Appears in “Pain and Memory” and “Common Boundary.” Profiled on this site (June). Novel, “Hefkerut” (English title: “Outrage”), Agam Publishing House, Hanamal Series, Israel, 2010, 295 pages.

Mitch Levenberg
Appears in “Pain and Memory,” “Common Boundary,” and “Battle Runes.”  Was Interviewed on this site October. Started blog  Has two stories forthcoming in the “Same Press” and had a story appear in “Assisi Journal.”

Robert McParland
Appears in “Pain and Memory.”  Two academic books: “Charles Dickens’s American Audience.” Lanham, MD.: Lexington Books/ Rowman and Littlefield, 2010. “Writing About Joseph Conrad.” New York: Infobase/Chelsea House, 2010 (part of the Bloom's Writing About series).

Tim Nees
Appears in “Pain and Memory” and in “Common Boundary.”  “The Way She Moves,” story published in “JAAM 28” (NZ literary journal). Some poems published in “A Fine Line” and “Poetry New Zealand 42” (NZ poetry newsletter and journal). Accepted for a limited entry 2011 course: Master of Arts in Creative Writing, at the International Institute of Modern Letters, Victoria University of Wellington, (full-time post-graduate course where he hopes to write a draft for a novel).  In Addition: Tim has just sold the broadcast rights to two stories to Radio New Zealand, AND, has just had an article published in Architecture NZ 6/2010

Muriel Nelson
Cluster of poems in “Common Boundary.”  Busy writing and teaching. Muriel was Profiled on this site (August). “With a Big Simile, He Warped His Arms Around Me,” accepted for publication by “The Beloit Poetry Journal.”

Elizabeth Primamore
Appears in “Pain and Memory.”  Coming out in December, anthology/textbook: “Literature and Gender.” Eds. Elizabeth Primamore and Dolores Deluise. Pearson Education Publishers, 2011.

Nahid Rachlin
Appears in “Common Boundary” and “Battle Runes.”  “Strangers in the House,” produced by Symphony Space, Selected Shorts, read in May 2010, at Getty Center of the Getty Museum, LA and was broadcast on NPR’s around the country in October 2010.  “The Son-In-Law,” “The Saint Ann’s Review,” Fall 2010. “Belonging,” “SN Review,” Fall 2010. website

Ruth Sabath Rosenthal
Appears in “Pain and Memory” and “Common Boundary.”  Chapbook, “Facing Home” (Finishing Line Press 2010).

Lisa Sita
Appears in “Battle Runes.”  Lisa was selected as a finalist in the Watchung Arts Center's Italian American Arts Festival for her short story “Submarines” (April). Working on a book: memoir/literary non-fiction, father-daughter relationship from a cultural/historical standpoint – immigrant versus second-generation American; based on father’s stories about growing up in his hometown (Calabria) in the 1930's and '40s, juxtaposed with her own in a series of flashback stories.