Friday, December 9, 2016

Protest Series - Sharon Scholl

“Second Thoughts on the Second Amendment”

Sharon Scholl

Not reason – but romance,
power in the palm,
death dancing on the finger tips.

Not sense – but swagger,
street punks wearing menace
like a sport coat,
hunters hoisting bloody fur
above the grisly door to manhood.

Not deliberation – but delight,
the stroking hand gliding down the barrel,
the sensual satisfaction of a smoking bore.

Not study – but status,
the video hero spraying
a fire fan of bullets.

Blind fear – security in a desk drawer.
Blind rage – revenge by fire power.
The shotgun in the truck,
the pistol on the hip.
not reason – but romance.

“The Mute”

Sharon Scholl

She never spoke again
after the rape.

Not from fear, for what worse
might she suffer.

Not for lack of sympathy
for those whose tears and pleading
turned her silence to their despair.

She simply had nothing to say
to a world in which
such things can happen.

“Gathering Petition Signatures”

Sharon Scholl

The elderly I can’t forgive;
how they shuffle up like gray cranes
poisoned on pollution,
how they peruse the proposal
and declare it futile.

Too many defeats, too many
passionate ideals gone to seed.
They care too much about being fooled
to care about being foolish.
Whatever the idea, it will cost too much.

I want to yell at them, SIGN
because you have lost so much,
because you enable the robbery,
because you need to be angry.
Sign because you aren’t dead yet.

Copyright©2016 by Sharon Scholl – All Rights Reserved