Saturday, December 17, 2016

Protest Series - David H. Rommereim

We are pleased to offer a poem and two thoughtful and timely essays by the Reverend David H. Rommereim as part of our Protest Series.

The poem appears on this page. You can access each essay by clicking on its title, below.

All work Copyright©2016 by David H. Rommereim – All Rights Reserved

“What do you hear?”

David H. Rommereim

What do you hear?
Is it what I said?
Or have you listened
with your, inner voice?

The morning news announced,
‘An election is completed.
We have a new president.
He has begun….’

And what I heard is:
‘A new president has a big gun.’

I guess you know what I hear
about this man.
I hope to listen, then ask,
whether he can holster his guns,
keep his finger off the trigger,
mouth off the spit.

Then he may keep a good job,
with perfect insurance,
and a decent pension.

If he is fired,
he will become
one of millions
who have given up
on the  unemployment line,
and stuck their nose into anger,
spit into slime,
and listen only to the voices
without purpose of those
who, after getting spit on,
replace the batteries of hearing aids,
and look for a chance
to join in the song of the future.