Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Creation - by Gabriel Guerra


By Gabriel Guerra
(A poem for my dear mentor, Frank J. Macchiarola, 1941-2012)

I was a boy
I stood in the ocean
Daring it on, the waves crashing on me
The salt and sea life in my mouth, it tasted blue and yellow
I kicked at the waves, they made me laugh
Not even Alexander knew such hubris, waves' roar and soft hum its heart
It has beaten since that day, it never stopped even now
Since Alexander's day
The surf quickens and foams evanescence
A wave falls on me
It screams at me, I'm more determined

Then albatross silently floats
What is this creation? That challenges
She flies above its small head
Does it know?
She circles above it
It must know
This creature that battles
She makes another high circle
The waves roll up toward the dark - keep your place albatross!
The creation still struggles
She dives lower intrigued, It MUST know
She sees the creation struggle
Albatross leaves, and flies into the dark
Angrily she flaps wings of night
Its whisper falls on the head of creation

Copyright©2017 by Gabriel Guerra – All Rights Reserved