Sunday, August 28, 2016

Primate and Great Ape Fundraising

We raised funds for a single four year scholarship for a deserving Indonesian student as part of the successful Orangutan Caring Scholarship Program through The Orang Utan Republik Foundation. The purpose of the program is to award tuition to talented and needy Indonesian students on a competitive basis enabling them to attend local universities in the fields of Forestry or Biology. We are happy to report that as of 5 December 2017 the scholarship was fully funded. Thanks for your support. Press release here.

Pictured here is Mega, the scholarship recipient and the highest scoring student. Dr. Gary Shapiro is on Mega's left, and her father is on her right. 

To understand the important, ground-level work of the foundation, please watch this short video of Dr. Gary Shapiro, its president. For more information about The Orang Utan Republik Foundation, go here and please consider making a donation:

NOW we are actively campaigning to raise funds for other organizations as well. Please consider making a donation of any amount; and when you do so, please mention The Evolutionary Studies Collaborative. 

Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest. "[P]rovides lifetime quality care for formerly abused and exploited chimpanzees while advocating for great apes...We envision a world where chimpanzees are not bred by humans to be used for entertainment or kept as pets, and where medical advancement is productive and successful without including experimentation on chimpanzees. We envision a world where chimpanzees are raised by their mothers and live freely with their families in their natural habitat...Our goals are to provide sustainable sanctuary, end the use of great apes in entertainment, and facilitate collaboration to continuously improve the care of captive chimpanzees."