Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stories of Immigration

WE ARE pleased to announce the contributors to Common Boundary: Stories of Immigration. In alphabetical order (not the eventual sequence of the book) they are: Janice Eidus; John Guzlowski; Omer Hadžiselimović; M. Neelika Jayawardane; Roy Jacobstein; Rivka Keren; Eva Konstantopoulos; Dagmara J. Kurcz; Mitch Levenberg; Cassandra Lewis; Tim Nees; Muriel Nelson; George Rabasa; Nahid Rachlin; Ruth Sabath Rosenthal; Azarin Sadegh; Ruth Knafo Setton; Patty Somlo; Rewa Zeinati. In all, there are twenty-nine different pieces of creative work on the theme of immigration by nineteen authors.

In addition to some relatively new voices, the list includes more than a few award-winning and highly-accomplished authors. We have immigration stories from current and previous generations; there are escapes and doubtful migrations; we have a story that involves a potato, and two that involve figs; we have a dramatic monologue; we have a few adoption stories; and there is a trunk that traveled all the way from a concentration camp. Some contributors you might recognize from Pain and Memory. We thank everyone who submitted – these were not easy decisions (considering how much material we received and how much of it was quite good). We will now begin the process of assembling the book, working on format and layout, proofreading, and then the writing of the Preface (by the publisher) and Foreword (by Jason Dubow). Updates forthcoming in due course.