CALL for creative writing – Protestation and activism under a new U.S. president.

We have an ongoing call (until further notice) for creative works of fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, and micro drama that deal with economic and social issues related to life under a new president. We are looking for relatively short works (up to but not much more than about 2,000 words) which will be published as stand-alone posts on the Bibliotekos site –  

We are interested in imaginative writing that strives to explore the human condition and experience in an age that seems to glorify division, hatred, ultra-conservatism, right-wing nationalism, and oppression. We do Not want to see the names of real people. We do Not want to see the name of our new president in any work. This is a call for creative writing, and we are confident that writers will be able to engage their imaginations dealing with the many sexual, gender, racial, political, and environmental issues that now face us in a new age.

Consider the groups that will be negatively (some dangerously) affected by this change in administration, in no particular order and with apologies for incompleteness: Women, African Americans, Latinos and Hispanics, Asians, Asian Indians, Native Americans, LGBTO, Muslims, Jews, Immigrants, the physically or mentally challenged, and so on. Based on public statements by the incoming president and his ilk, this administration poses a serious threat to the freedom of press, civil rights, and the right to peaceful demonstration.

We do not want to set tight guidelines or strict parameters that are too limiting, since that will exclude lots of good material and the intellectual creativity that we have been so blessed to receive in the anthologies. We do ask, however, that you refrain from vitriolic diatribe – we want inventive, lyrical writing that tackles a harmful agenda that has been foisted on our country. We want artistic representations of protest and resistance.

Query first (with a very brief forty word biography). Do not send writing unless invited to do so. We intend to be selective, so be patient. There is no payment: your compensation is seeing your work on the Bibliotekos site – you will be among good company.

If you are interested in submitting academic writing on this subject, visit our sister site, ASEBL, at

We do this on a volunteer basis to serve the literary community, receive no compensation, and have full-time jobs, so be patient if you do not get an immediate response. Thanks for your interest and support.

Contact with PROTEST in the subject line.

General Information/Guidelines

Editions Bibliotekos published themed literary anthologies but has no plans to do so in the future. Currently, we are focusing on using this website as a publishing platform. 

If you submit poetry, please submit no more than five (short) poems. Any submission of multiple poems should be made as one document.

We prefer literary fiction, and you may read any of our anthologies to see what we admire. We have published authors (their short stories) such as Rivka Keren (Pain and Memory, Common Boundary, and Being Human), Nahid Rachlin (Common Boundary and Battle Runes), Tim Nees (Pain and Memory and Common Boundary), John Guzlowski (Battle Runes), Thom Brucie (Battle Runes), Jeff Vande Zande (Being Human), Gary Guinn (Puzzles of Faith) – all very strong fiction writers. We want words that transform personal experience into something deep and enduring for many other readers. An emphasis on exploring the human experience from a pose that is not self-involved is preferred. Holding the reader’s attention from beginning to end is paramount. Good writing is a long process of re-writing and revision: send in finished work.

We publish in English, so submit in that language only. Submit your own, final work.

Please query the publisher (with a clear subject line) at:  OR at before submitting. We prefer to hear from you first; and then if we are interested, we will invite you to submit (and after careful consideration we will make a decision regarding acceptance/publication).

Query First:  - That’s the first step; thereafter, if we invite you to submit, follow these instructions, though an invitation to submit is not a guarantee of acceptance.  Please have a clear subject line; any suspicious emails will be deleted.

If after your query we invite you to submit, the submission must be prose fiction, micro drama, or creative non-fiction of about 2,000 words, or a cluster of a few short poems, sent as text pasted into an email to  This email is used for screening purposes. If, after our invitation to read your work, we indeed want to publish your writing, we will ask for one Word document later.

We are not in the business of re-hashing work, so please do not submit work that has already been published elsewhere. Of course there might be exceptions.

If you submit something already published you must hold the copyright and have permission to re-publish; attribution to the original journal will be noted (and thus we’d need the journal name and date of publication). In most cases, authors hold rights to their work after it has been published in a small literary magazine or journal; you might not hold such rights if your work was published in a newspaper, large national journal, or a book. Check first, or better yet, get written permission for publication by Bibliotekos from the original publisher.

We prefer fiction, and therefore please do not use real names of real people, as we cannot be responsible for any action that might subsequently occur from your revealing, without permission, true identities.

There should be no pagination, no headers, no footers, no end notes, and no images in your text. Please make sure that your work has a title.

Reminder: provide a clear subject line, or else all emails will be deleted unread.

Terms: By the act of submitting work, the contributor agrees that, on acceptance, Bibliotekos acquires one-time and non-exclusive publication rights. That is, rights revert to the creator of the work upon publication, with the usual exception of  some acknowledgement given to Bibliotekos. Work published on the Bibliotekos site will have its own URL and remain on the web as long as the Bibliotekos site is live.

We do all of this work on a volunteer basis while maintaining full-time employment. We receive no compensation, and, as you can see, have no advertisements on the website. Therefore, authors are not paid, either.

Contact/Query us at:

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